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Wouldn’t it be great if what one considered a hobby actually made them money? Especially if one loves that hobby more than anything? If these two questions caught your attention, then the future, well-paid, high-demand job opportunity of being a drone pilot is a great opportunity available.

Many experts like BestDroneDose predict that certain jobs will become obsolete within the next ten years due to a technology revolution. This technology revolution happens to include drones. With this new technology, the demand for drone pilots becomes prevalent and a growing field of opportunity.


Drones are utilized in a variety of ways. From plumbing to transport, agriculture to movie making and exploration of science, drones have a huge up and coming impact on the world as we know it.

With all this technology evolving and the variety of uses, drones need operators, thus drone pilots. Being a drone pilot is part of the future, because no matter what one is interested in, drones have a high probability of being related to that field, and if not now, definitely in the future.

With plumbing, the plumber can send a drone up above the roof and use thermal imaging to find exactly where a leak is with accuracy down to the exact millimeter. This saves the plumber a lot of time trying to find the leak but furthermore helps them spot any other problems that would otherwise be impossible without a drone.

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While drones are already commonplace in mining, the use of drones is only set to expand in this field. With mining, drones are used to measure various stockpiles of minerals in mere hours, instead of what would normally take multiple days. Survey work and environmental impact in relation to mining can also be utilized by drones and operators.

Various trades have the ability to use drones to further expand the business and make things easier than before. A drone pilot can fly the drone up to inspect solar panels, roofs, and gutters, depending on the service needing to be performed. Furthermore, this information can be imported into various software systems to utilize the best capabilities of the drone and pilot.

While the regulations in the United States are still wary about package delivery, it is the wave of the future. With companies like Amazon and Google wanting to deliver packages and information to customers, a lot of drone pilots will be needed. These pilots will have a mission, as every pilot should, to deliver packages in a short amount of time, safely. These package deliveries can even be extended to include delivery services such as pizza and sandwiches; something that delivery drivers were once needed for can now be done using a drone and a drone pilot.

Many utility companies can use drones and pilots to inspect power lines, telephone towers, and wind turbines with ease. Normally, a helicopter would have to be flown over these places to ensure everything was okay or to figure out the problem why something was not working. However, now drones can be used to survey these places, thus saving the utility companies money by not having to hire an expensive helicopter, employ a lot more people, use cranes, and cherry picker trucks. Using drones will allow the company to receive a closer look at the task at hand and get the operation done in a shorter amount of time.

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Relaters are now looking for drone pilots all the time. Drones are able to be used to show the potential buyer a bird’s eye perspective of the land and house. Drones will help clients be able to see the roof from a top-down perspective, all sides of the house from a perfect height in a panoramic view, and may view from where the house and land is situated. Furthermore, these photos and videos can be converted to create marketing videos to show opportunities for both the properties and real estate company.

Photography is not only being used in real estate settings. It is used for a variety of promotional photos, to capture images of amazing places, and to show others different views of everyday objects. Furthermore, drones can utilize photography in wedding settings to help the couple remember their special day in a new way, as opposed to just the traditional wedding photography. Hollywood has taken the liking of using drones to film some new movies. This alternative uses drones as opposed to helicopters. Helicopters move the landscape in a different way, such as grass rustling, whereas drones could reduce this to a minimum, ensuring every shot and take can be the same. Overall, drones reduce the cost of production for producers, thus increasing profits. Even if the producers have to hire more drone pilots for the movie to get the perfect shot, it still will be significantly less than having to hire helicopter pilots.

While there are many uses for drones and pilots discussed above, and much more available right now and in the future, agriculture seems to be one of the larger sectors coming. Precision agriculture involves flying a drone with an appropriate payload attached to survey a field of crops. This information is then brought back, post-processed, analyzed, and given to the farmer to determine the best course of action for pesticide or fertilizer application. These pesticides and fertilizers can then be concentrated over certain parts of the field that need more than others, versus just a blanket layer done before. Eventually, regulations in the United States will allow for drones to be able to carry the payload of pesticides or fertilizers and spray exactly where the previous drone just surveyed, thus, increasing the need for even more drone pilots in the agriculture sector. This fast form of surveying will help the farmers reduce the cost to produce crops and goods and to identify any problems before they occur.


Becoming a drone pilot is not only fun, but it certainly pays off. Quite literally. For one to pursue a career as a drone pilot, the average salary is around $100,000 per year, with the top end being around $150,000. While a college degree for this is not necessary, it may help to further one’s career potential. This cuts down on the initial investment necessary to become a drone pilot. One can either start their own business to fly drones, once all certification has been met, or simply go work for a company that has opportunities in the unmanned aircraft systems sector. And, if for some reason the current company that one is working for does not have a drone sector, one can certainly predict that within the next few years they will have a need for a drone pilot.


Becoming a drone pilot is quite easy. One has to be at least sixteen years of age, be able to read, write, and understand the English language, have a safe physical and mental condition and demonstrate aeronautical knowledge. This aeronautical Knowledge can be demonstrated by taking and passing the FAA Remote Pilot Exam, or by taking an online course from the FAA of one is already a pilot certificate holder. While one does not need to take any mandatory classes to become a Remote Pilot Certificate holder, it is a good idea to do so. This shows that one is taking the initiative to show that safe operation of the drone is a vital factor to all operations.


As discussed above, the opportunities for drone pilots in the future are growing more and more each and every day. Right now, is the best time to become a drone pilot and the opportunity to expand one’s knowledge and business is only coming sooner. The Opportunities for drone pilot ranges from utility work to photography, all the way to agriculture, and is only continuing to grow in many different areas. A drone pilot will make a decent salary starting out and the salary should only increase from that point forward. If one wants to become a drone pilot, the steps are quite easy and cost-effective. This low investment, high return on money job is one of the best out there. Becoming a drone pilot is the future for many industries and one of the best jobs one can aspire to obtain.


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