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Drones are now available in a variety of shapes, like quadcopter and fixed wing, from mini to full-size models. Only a few of the Affordable drones on the market come with a set of wheels which offers a different way to land and roll along the ground safely. There aren’t too many drones available with wheels because it’s not a frequently requested feature, but for people looking for this type of UAV, here are the Best 8 Top Drones with Wheels.


The Top Race TR-MQ3 drone is a mini (or nano) quadcopter drone that has many fun features to play with like flying, rolling and performing other maneuvers. It only measures 1.6 inches by 1.6 inches, so it fits in the palm of your hand and will even take-off from this “landing pad” too. The product has an effective range of over 60 feet and stays in the air for around 6 minutes. It does require three AAA batteries, but these can be rechargeable ones to cut down the cost of operation sufficiently to please frugal people.

The model flew with a standard setup including landing supports, but it also is convertible with its large, thin wheels with crisscrossing spokes. The appearance when the wheels have fitted is quite unusual because it makes the drone’s body look even smaller when compared to the wheels which must be three times its size. The controller works on the 2.4Ghz frequency, and there is a gyroscope to ensure this nano drone is controllable all the way to the ground.

It doesn’t have a headless mode for beginners, but it will perform stunts like 3D moves and flipping over and over in the air. The wheels also roll for smoother movement rather than stationary movement. The blue/red LED lights make night flights possible too. Prop guards are also provided to protect the propellers from accidental damage. There are some spare props and a USB charging cable also in the box.


The Syma X9 Fly Car is a drone that resembles a car. We kid you not (check out the picture!). Its body is a basic white one with black wheels, four black propellers, and a black and blue/cyan color body. Rather than the wheels being added as an afterthought, with the X9, it’s essentially an RC car that’s been given four propellers to convert it into a quadcopter. A very different approach which seems to work well here. The model lacks a camera or housing for an action-cam to be added.

The wheels are driven by the motors, just like the propellers, to give this model more power than one would expect. The X9 is a 2-in-1 design that allows it to be driven around or flown, as you wish. This means it’s possible to use it as a straight RC car for ground racing and to take it to the air when that’s the chosen role for the afternoon. It also means that one doesn’t have to worry so much about the exact landing position when landing on either paving stones, like a patio, or on the road because the X9 Fly Car is drivable back to the home position quite quickly.

As for features, it has a 360-degree turning, 3D flying mode, single button rolling starting/stop, and the ability to create a flight path. It is drivable for 7 minutes or flyable for 5 minutes (or a mixture of the two). The range is around 50 meters without any objects blocking the signal; anything beyond this and the controller will start to have connection issues. For anyone wanting more than flying from a drone, but who doesn’t care about the lack of camera options, the Syma X9 Fly Car is an excellent choice.


The Xuanlei 4 in 1 is a standard mini drone that also comes with a set of four enlarged wheels. The front has the large wheel set and the back a smaller set, so the drone stands higher at the front than the rear. Controlling the drone is made easier by the 6-axis gyroscope that keeps things level and manageable in the air. The model is also drivable on the ground too.

The unit has a bright orange top with almost all other parts being white beneath, including the wheels. The model has LED lights fitted that are dazzling making it easier to spot this nano drone at night. The flight duration is around 7 minutes, with an effective distance of 40-meters depending on conditions. There is a 0.3-megapixel fixed camera fitted into the nose of the drone. The images are necessary, but it does put this drone a step up from some other wheel-based drones that lack any photography or videography options at all.


The Cheerwing U841 is a mean-looking model that is black throughout, with the odd dash of chrome to offset the dark coloring. The model converts from air drone to a racer with four small wheels or using two large wheels which dwarf the body. As such, this is a 3-in-1 model.

The package includes four small wheels used for speeding along and climbing slopes and two larger wheels for cruising at slower speeds. With the various combinations, available, this model is capable of flying, riding along the ground, climbing over obstacles, and more.

The controller offers four-channel communication with the drone using its 6-axis gyroscope to manage its position correctly. It will perform 360-degree acrobatics in the air along with its wall climbing ability on the ground; nice options to have. The flight duration of 7 minutes is not bad, but the effective range of approximately 30 meters lets the side down a bit. Still, the U841 has a lot to recommend it for anyone who prefers a drone with road climbing abilities (like climbing street curbs and uneven older driveways).


The TaoTuo Flying Quad car is another model that is essentially an RC car that also happens to be a drone, rather than the wheels having been added as a late modification during the product’s design phase. Firstly, it’s a quadcopter with propellers with enough wingspan to pull the drone efficiently up into the air. Secondly, it also closely resembles a Formula One car with slimline black motorized wheels. The white body is accented by beautiful decal stickers along the side of the unit.

The Flying Quadcopter car is a 2-in-1 product that drives as well as flies. It is capable of flying into a 360-degree spin. There are LED lights that are ideal for night flights or driving around in the evening. The transmitter has an effective range of approximately 100 meters when unobstructed. The flight duration is around 9 minutes which improves upon several other 2-in-1, 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 models.


The Kids Drone F1 Plus is a cute-looking drone that most looks like a car that flies too. It has been designed to closely mimic the Formula One vehicles that drive at incredible speeds around Grand Prix race tracks. There are even a white F1 decal and a gold tire-like logo in front of it to emphasize the point. As an RC car that might bump into immovable objects, it is built to be robust with its use of alloy and hard plastic on the body that handles shock impacts well.

For anyone who wishes to record or take photographs of either their flights or crazy driving, there is a non-removable 2-megapixel camera provided along with a slot for a microSD card (a 4GB SDHC card is included in the box). When flying, the steady hover mode keeps the drone in a fixed position for taking a good shot. It will also perform 3D flip-overs and a 360-degree rolling maneuver. The manufacturer has also included an automated take-off and auto landing features to simplify its use.


The Parrot Rolling Spider is a nano drone that flies but also rolls on it’s huge (compared to its body) wheels. Parrot is a highly-respected name in drone manufacture, so the Spider should be quite durable when care is taken.

One of the most impressive features of this product is its top speed of 11.1 miles/hour. It also performs not only 180-degree turns quickly but also 90-degree ones too. The common 360-degree flip stunt is also available. The drone wheels are designed to stay on, but they are removable too, and the mini drone is then able to fly without them. There is a tiny non-removable camera provided in the nose of the unit which captures basic images.

The flight duration is around 8 minutes without the wheels and 6 minutes with them on. The effective range is a disappointing 20 meters with the model being controlled via a smartphone or tablet app.


FANALA JJRC H3 Drone with wheels

The Fanala JJRC H3 is a serious-looking blue/cyan  colored drone with full black wheels in four corners. The white propellers are contained within the wheel interior which is a neat design not often seen in this category. The appearance is attractive, different, and distinctive from the RC cars that double as drones.

The roller wheels perform double-duty as prop guards for the propellers situated inside them. There are LED lights to light up the ground underneath when driving and provide sufficient illumination when in flight too. The effective range is up to 300 meters when driving and approximately the same in the air which is superb in this category. The driving/flying time of 8 minutes is also quite respectable too.

The Fanala JJRC H3 is an interesting product with some cool features worth considering further.


When it comes to drones with wheels, there aren’t that many good models worth recommending (the reason we only listed these eight). There is a clear choice between hybrid models that double as RC cars and look like cars in their appearance too, and drones for sale that come with optional wheels that detach. In the latter case, there is less maneuverability expected with such models where they’re perhaps optional extras rather than true 2-in-1 (or better) drones that take the driving aspect more seriously.


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