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Unbaised Holy Stone HS720 Review



The Holy Stone HS720 foldable drone is a remarkable new release from Holy Stone that will impress any drone enthusiast. This drone is an upgrade from its predecessor, the impressive HS700 and features a small, foldable frame and comes with a handy carrying case. It offers a longer flight time as well as an improved control range compared to the HS700. 

Despite its diminutive design, the HS720 is stacked with high-performance features, including a 2K camera for shooting high resolution images and videos, making it one of the most sought-after entry-level drones in the market. 

Holy Stone


Holy Stone is a reputable brand in the manufacturing of consumer drones thanks to a number of high-performance drones in the market under its belt, such as the HS700. The company continued to built on the success of its popular HS700 to develop this new improved quadcopter, the Holy Stone HS720, offering you a longer playtime to enjoy its amazing features. 

The drone offers an exciting flying experience and another highlight is the 2K video camera for those who are into aerial photography. The review of the Holy Stone HS720 considers all the specs that the drone brings to the table and also what to expect from its overall performance. 

Key Specs


Flight Time:

26 minutes

Control Range:

Transmitter 1600m, WiFi 800m


Lithium Polymer batteries 

Charge Time:

5-7 hours


2K FHD 5G Camera

HS720 at a Glance

The HS720 is an impressive mini drone that comes equipped with an array of upgraded features when compared to the previous model. It has all it takes to amaze an entry-level drone user. Having said that, it also provides experienced pilots with something to gush over. Let us delve deeper into the individual specifications.

Flight Time

Considering that you can buy this drone for less than $300, you’ll be impressed by the 26 minutes flight time you get from the HS720. This is an extra 4 minutes when compared to its predecessor, the HS700. This improvement allows you to enjoy all the spectacular features on the drone. 

You can credit the extended playtime the drone offers to the military-grade intelligent Li-Po battery that powers the device. Brushless motors, which are more efficient in power consumption, have also been included to ensure that you get the most out of your flying experience. 

You will, however, require between 5 and 7 hours of charging to get the battery back to full capacity. This may feel like an eternal wait for anyone eager to fly the drone and something we wish Holy Stone would have done better. Luckily, you can get yourself spare batteries to extend the flight time if you don’t mind the extra cost. 


Control Range

The HS720 is delivered with a 2.4GHz transmitter that enables you to control the drone to a maximum horizontal distance of 1600m, which is a notable improvement from the HS700. You can also fly the drone to a maximum ceiling of just over 900m without losing transmission signal; giving you the opportunity to record amazing footage of far off subjects.

When using the FPV feature to control your drone, the HS720 will remain in range to a distance of 800m, which is pretty impressive by industry standards. 

Generally, piloting this drone is a relatively effortless endeavor, even for novice users who are still getting their feet wet.

There are various GPS assisted intelligent flight modes that ensure this is possible, as well as failsafe features that prevent you from losing your prized possession. The quadcopter will automatically come back to you when you fly it out of range or when the battery is almost running on empty.

Alternatively, you can simply click a button to get it back in your hands safely. You’ll appreciate the advanced technology that has been incorporated on the Holy Stone HS720. Among other things, you can set a predetermined flight path for the drone as well as compel the drone to follow you wherever you go.

The drone’s controller has an ergonomic design that will feel natural in your hands. It comes with an LED display and a power button that allows you to power the drone on or off. Two mounts let you attach your smartphone when you want to enjoy live video streaming while a small light on the controller makes it possible to comfortably fly the drone in darkness.

The controller uses a pair of AA batteries. This is a great feature you’ll like about this drone, especially if you have spare batteries available as this will increase you playtime.


One of the features that stood out for us on the Holy Stone HS720 has to be the 2K FHD camera. For an entry-level drone, you’ll have a ball with the quality stills it can shoot and the 2048 by 1152p resolution videos it can record. The camera also features 90 degrees adjustable lens that enable you to get different perspectives during filming. 

A shock absorption holder on the drone makes sure to keep the camera still and stable when the device is rocked by vibrations. This allows you to capture crystal-clear footage, especially when the drone is in its hovering position. Not to mention that you can use Optical Flow Positioning and Altitude hold for a more stable hover. 

The camera is also 5G enabled and this allows you to connect to your smartphone via a WiFi signal to share fast and clear real-time videos. Using the drone app, you can easily manage the flight to a maximum distance of 800m and share the footage you’ve saved with a simple click on the app. 


Flying Performance

Overall, you’ll find the HS720 to be an easy and exciting drone to fly! The Holy Stone design team did a wonderful job to make this possible by addressing customer grievances and improving on the shortcomings of the previous drone models.

Despite the small frame of the quadcopter, it feels heavier than it may appear to be. The high-grade construction helps to keep the drone steady when faced with a light breeze. Multi sensors on the HS720 help to deliver a precise hover and this is reinforced by the Altitude Hold mode.


The ergonomic controller comes with basic controls that have been clearly laid out to make it easy for rookie pilots to fly the drone. Various GPS assisted intelligent flight functions such as Follow Me mode, Custom Flight Path mode, and Orbit mode make it exciting for intermediate drone enthusiasts, especially those interested in aerial photography. 

Ultimately, the Holy Stone HS720 is responsive and intuitive. The brushless motor it runs on delivers a stealthy performance in the air, ensuring that you don’t end up being a nuisance to the public. We must admit that Holy Stone developed a wonderful product that will offer you a flight experience to remember, especially when considering the price. 

What Do We Like?

The first thing you’ll like about the Holy Stone HS720 is its small and foldable design, which makes it quite portable when you want to bring it on your travels. What’s even better is that the drone package features a carrying bag inside which you can stow away your drone for safekeeping. 

The 26 minutes of playtime that this drone offers are among the most you can find at this price range. This should ensure that you get ample time to enjoy the drone's features and if you are a fan of aerial photography; you’ll have an opportunity to record breathtaking footage.

Generally, the drone is easy to fly and newbies, as well as experienced pilots, will have a great time with it. The controller is simple to wrap your head around and allows you to power on/off the drone or bring it back to you with a single click of a button.

A ton of GPS assisted intelligent flight functions on the Holy Stone HS720 ensure that you won’t be bored when flying this drone. You’ll be impressed by features such as Point of Interest, Follow Me mode, Altitude Hold, Optical Flow Positioning, etc. which will prove handy when you are shooting videos. 

The brushless motors that have been used on the drone are not only power-efficient but also durable. They require less maintenance down the line compared to brushed motors and ensure that the drone flies stealthily. It won’t be a source of noise pollution when you fly it around the neighborhood. 

Finally, the Holy Stone HS720 foldable drone offers great value for money when you consider the wealth of specifications it brings to the table. The fact that you can get it for under 300 goes to show that you’re getting a great deal!


  • FPV live video streaming and easy to fly
  • Compact and foldable, point of interest
  • Travel-friendly casing, return home mode
  • Stable hover and brushless motor
  • 5G + WiFi connectivity
  • 26 minutes flight time
  • Quiet sound profile, 2K FHD camera
  • Improved control range and great value for money

What Don’t We Like?

The major concern on the Holy Stone HS720 has to be the time it takes to fully recharge. Waiting for 5 to 7 hours as the battery charges can frustrate any excited drone enthusiast. Luckily, you can avoid this by getting extra batteries to extend the flight time.


  • ​Long charging time
  • No replacement battery

Advice to Buyers

The Holy Stone HS720 is an impressive quadcopter that has excited many drone enthusiasts, especially in the entry-level range. It comes with a slew of high-performance specs and employs the latest technology to offer users an unforgettable flying experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned user who’s been doing it for a while or a learner looking to improve their drone flying skills, this will be a great option for you. The best part of it all is that it will cost you less than $300.


Are Holy Stone drones any good?

Holy Stone is a reputable brand in the drone making industry. It has particularly earned its reputation from producing quality budget drones that are ideal for beginner-level flyers and those with some experience. Most of the drones they offer come with multiple speed modes, which allow them to be used by pilots of different skill levels.

Also, their drones have a decent camera to appeal to enthusiasts who also want to gain aerial photography skills, making them a popular option for consumers. Apart from the Holy Stone HS720 that we have discussed in the review above, more popular offerings from the company include:

How high can a holy stone drone fly?

You will realize that there is a connection between how high you can fly a drone and the price tag it comes with. Generally, the Holy Stone drones come with a decent flight ceiling that will be ideal for pilots who are still learning to fly. 

However, their more premium offerings like the HS720 allows you to fly it to a maximum altitude of 900m. This is more than the 120m that the FAA allows, so you have to take care not to get in trouble with the authorities when flying this drone. 

Where are holy stone drones made?

Holy Stone is a drone manufacturing company that was founded in 2014. Ever since its advent, the company has produced a range of innovative products, offering professional-level features by employing advanced technology. This has helped to push the quality you get from entry-level drones.

The company has its administrative headquarters in the city of Taipei, Taiwan. This is where you’ll find the design team and the brains behind most of their amazing drones that have become popular among enthusiasts. 

How do you use the holy stone drone?

The Holy Stone is generally easy to use thanks to straightforward controls that even new users will have little trouble figuring out. Once you unpack the drone from its casing, you’ll find a controller with a power button that, with a single press, will launch the drone into the air.

Other controls like the Return Home button make it simple to fly the Holy Stone drone. The drone also features a camera that you can use to take selfies for your social media, as well as record amazing home videos and moments you spend playing with your family and friends. 


Overall, the Holy Stone HS720 presents you with a wonderful opportunity to get the most out of your drone without spending a fortune. It has a long flight time, a high-quality 2K camera, and a conveniently portable design among other impressive features.

The drone will be a great choice for both beginner users looking for their first quadcopter or intermediate users hoping to find a quality upgrade. We trust that the review above will assist you with your decision making when buying a new drone.


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