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Holy Stone HS165 Review



The Holy Stone HS165 drone is compact, foldable and costs less than $200. You will appreciate its overall user-friendliness and is packed with a wealth of advanced specifications that enable users to enjoy an exciting flying experience, as well as recording high-quality footage. With the HS165 your outdoor adventures will be taken to the next level!

Holy Stone HS165


For any newbie drone enthusiast, that has just been bitten by the drone bug, it will be wise to go for a budget-friendly device! There’s no point in spending a fortune on a drone when you can barely work your way around a drone’s controller. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you are unable to find a quality cheap drone in the current market!

The Holy Stone HS165 will make a great choice for anyone looking for a fulfilling first drone experience. It has the credentials to impress any drone pilot. The review below will show you why it is among the best drones under $200 in the industry. 

Key Specs


Flight Time:

15 Minutes

Control Range:

400m horizontal range, 120m (maximum vertical range)


880 mAh 7.4V LiPo battery

Charge Time:

Around 120 Minutes


1080p HD FPV Camera

Holy Stone HS165 at a Glance

Based on most of the customer reviews we’ve come across, the HS165  seems to impress in every aspect of drone flying. The manufacturer has offered drone enthusiasts an entry-level drone with high-performance features for an easy and enjoyable drone experience. 

Let us take a deeper look at its various features:

Flight Time

Holy Stone claims that the HS165 will manage around 15 minutes of playtime; this is pretty remarkable for a product in this price range. This is as a result of the 7.4V, 880mAh battery that has been fitted to power the quadcopter. The new modular battery pack has been specially designed to store the charge longer, extending your flight time.

Although 15 minutes is a commendable flight time for a beginner-level drone, it will still not be enough for a first-timer that’s keen on getting the most out of their maiden drone flying experience. We recommend that you buy extra batteries to increase your fun time with the HS165.


This drone can reach a maximum horizontal control range of 400m while its vertical flying limit is 120m when using its dedicated controller. This decent control range allows you to capture great aerial footage of distance subjects when flying this small drone. 

The 2.4GHz controller features a lightweight and ergonomic design that feels comfortable to hold. Straight-forward and user-friendly controls ensure that inexperienced pilots will have an easy time flying the HS165.

Holy Stone HS165

The drone’s transmitter also uses a 3.7V, 300mAh LiPo battery that can last almost 30 minutes, meaning you won’t have to recharge it when you bring an extra battery along for the drone. The controller battery is also preinstalled and rechargeable. 

A smartphone mount in the middle of the controller allows you to easily attach your smartphone when you want to enjoy the FPV feature. You can connect the drone to your smartphone via a WiFi network, with a maximum transmission range of around 300m. 


For a drone that will cost you less than 200 dollars, we must say that the 1080p HD camera it is equipped with, is quite impressive. It allows you to experience the world around you from an interesting aerial perspective. The camera lens features a wide-angle 90 degrees field of view that enhances the amount of details in your shots.

While you won’t be able to enjoy 4K video, the resolution is decent enough for any hobbyist use. You’ll also get to enjoy live video streaming of the drone footage to your phone thanks to the 5G enabled camera. 

On the downside, there’s no gimbal stabilization offered although the 6-axis gyroscope does a good job of keeping the camera steady when the drone is hovering. This ensures that your footage is not distorted.

A micro SD card slot has been conveniently included for all your storage needs. It can accommodate a memory card of up to 32GB, ensuring that you have ample space to store your amazing photo and video files.  

Holy Stone HS165

Overall, this drone comes with a decent camera, especially when considering the price. You may not be able to win photography awards with the kind of quality it offers, but it will record amazing home videos.

Flight Performance

The Holy Stone HS165 offers an exciting flying performance that will impress even experienced drone pilots. This is because of the various flight modes it features that are made possible by a GPS module on the drone.

Thanks to GPS, the quadcopter manages to maintain a stable hover while a built-in barometer analyzes air pressure fluctuations to ensure that the HS165 maintains a constant altitude. 

Various GPS supported flight modes on the drone help to deliver an easy flying experience for rookie pilots whilst still making flying fun for advanced pilots. 

Holy Stone HS165

You can fly the drone autonomously using intelligent flight functions such as Orbit and Follow Me mode. 

The Custom Flight Track feature allows you to predetermine your drone’s flying route even before it launches into the air. Several failsafe features have been included to make sure that you never lose sight or damage your prized possession.

The Smart Return Home function will bring the drone back to its takeoff position whenever you fly it out of range or when the battery is almost empty. Meanwhile, the Automatic takeoff/landing feature easily gets the drone flying and also makes for a safe landing when the battery is about to run out of power.  

What We Like

There are various interesting features on the HS165, but we were most impressed by the 1080p HD camera. This is something you’d ordinarily find in higher priced products; the footage quality you get is decent and can easily be shared on your social media. 

The drone measures only 26 x 8 x 5 inches and with this compact design it can easily fit inside your backpack. It also just weighs about 170g, making it a lightweight drone to carry around to wherever your travels take you. 

Despite its diminutive frame, the drone is built from a high-grade plastic  that makes it quite durable. The quadcopter will easily come out of minor collisions and crashes in one piece.

The drone’s controller is comfortable to hold thanks to its compact and lightweight design. Furthermore, its controls have been marked precisely to make it easy for inexperienced pilots to operate.

There is also a range of smart flight modes on the HS165 that help to enhance its overall performance in the air. Functions such as Follow Me mode, Circle Fly, and Tap Fly will come in handy when you want to record interesting footage. Meanwhile, safety features like Smart Return Home ensure that your drone is always protected. 

The flight time is also impressive for a drone in this price range. Generally, the drone offers enthusiasts great value for money when you consider all the features that it brings to the table!

Holy Stone HS165


  • Modularized flight battery and decent flying range
  • Good flight time, quality camera
  • User-friendly and very cheap
  • Transmission, controller
  • Multiple safety and intelligent flight modes
  • Small and portable design, durable build
  • GPS module, 5G WiFi and live video streaming
  • Small and portable design, durable build
  • GPS module, 5G WiFi

What We Don’t Like

One of the few underwhelming aspects of the Holy Stone HS165 drone is that it does not come with obstacle avoidance sensors. Given that this is an entry-level drone, most users will experience aerial collisions and the fact that the drone does not come with propeller guards does not really help either.

Another drawback, according to some users, is that the transmitter sometimes tends to be unresponsive . This can prove to be quite frustrating for anybody flying the drone.


  • ​Unresponsive controls
  • No obstacle avoidance

Advice to Buyers

All things considered, the Holy Stone HS165 will be an ideal option for both entry-level and intermediate drone enthusiasts. It boasts an array of advanced features that you’ll easily find in the best drones under 300. This surely makes it one of the best valued drones for your money!

If you’re a novice drone user, this quadcopter offers you a great opportunity to improve your drone flying skills. Still, it features enough advanced features for an experienced pilot to feel right at home when flying it. The best part is that it won’t cost you an arm and a leg!


From the above review, it is clear that the Holy Stone HS165 is a remarkable beginner drone. It comes with good flight time, decent camera quality, as well as a host of high-level features that help to propel its performance in the air to the next level. 

Other than the lack of obstacle avoidance sensors, this drone ticks all the boxes and will be a great find for both rookie and seasoned pilots!


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