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The interest in unmanned aerial vehicles continues to grow with families, clubs, and companies all wanting to explore the new possibilities available to them. With the growing passion in consumer and commercial drones, new products at all price points, are being released on a regular basis. Whether using them for pleasure, recording HD video from a raised perspective, or even partaking in some drone fishing, a well-specified Affordable Drones UAV opens so many possibilities.

There are now hundreds of popular drones on the market. Shopping for one is difficult because, with the greater range of products, it becomes harder to select the product that’s right for you.

The following linked reviews are grouped with maximum prices to make it easier to stick to your budget to find your Best cheap drone:


The continued growth in demand has prompted new investors to enter the market. The number of brands offering Cheap Drones and the level of sophistication is growing rapidly now. With the plethora of new product, choices bring added downward pressure on the price of a drone which is good for consumers looking for the best features at a cost that won’t break their pocket book. here is the list of top drones for Sale within your suitable range.From hobbyists who enjoy their new ability to fly a UAV around just like a government or agency to the professional photographers and YouTubers who want to add aerial photography to their arsenal of photographic options, there are so many options. Nano drones are interesting little models that often fit in the palm of your hand, and a few even have their mini cameras to boot. Professional drones offering 4K UHD video recording, greater than 10-megapixel photographic capability, and 360-degree directional gimbals to steady the image are all at your fingertips.

For the beginner, a toy drone or basic full-size drone is a good starting point. That way, you won’t waste money on a pricier model and find it’s more drone that you needed. For many people, starting small is desirable to avoid the risk of crashing the UAV through lack of flight time practice which inevitably puts an expensive drone at unnecessary risk.

Browse through the best drones lists for ones that match your budget and see what you can get for your money. It’s the best way.


Just like with other types of products, as a rule, the more money you’re willing to spend, the greater access you’ll have to the latest improvements and best-in-class features. Technology is moving at a rapid pace as companies look to create any advantage to lead the pack in their category.

For inexpensive full-size best affordable drones with camera, they might feature a 1080p Full HD video recording capability, directional control via real-time video control, and a basic 2-axis gimbal. A few models come with a GPS system that helps improve the accuracy of back to base commands and basic navigation. You’ll find the Best 10 Drones Under $200 guide to be a useful starting point for quality features at a sensible price. Many of these sub-$200 UAVs also include auto-pilot which makes it easier to take the drone to the right spot and then focus on taking quality photos or video rather than being distracted by flying.

Usually, navigation apps work on a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. Only the more advanced models offer powerful desktop software able to plot a journey using GPS waypoints. The products with improved mapping abilities tend to start at $300 and are reviewed in our Best 10 top Drones under $300 guide.


It either starts with what money you are willing to spend or based on the list of features that you cannot live without and seeing how much that kind of product will cost you. A beginner probably should look for something well under $500 and usually $200-300 at the most. Just like with the purchase of a new car, you don’t want your first vehicle to be a Mercedes-Benz because it’ll likely get a few dents along the way. With a drone, a single crash might take out the motor and a couple of the propellers at the same time. Once you’ve learned how to master the controls, moving up to something pricier is always an option.

Drones Below $50



The Syma X5C is one of the better affordable camera drones for under fifty bucks. The X5C is a traditional model and other than the Phantom from DJI, this model is both well-known and a respected. Syma has its specialty in the toy drone category with several models reaching a dominant position. This model is a good little one for newbies to drone flying who won’t be too worried if they crash it more than once. The plastic material used on the X5C is robust and flexible which helps it retain its form. The flight duration is 6 minutes, and it’ll reach out up to 100 meters depending on terrain. There is a camera included, but it won’t take fantastic photos or video. Given the small flight-time, purchasing a second battery isn’t a bad idea either.

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Below $100

JXD 509W

JXD 509W

The JXD 509W smartphone drone is an afford sub-$100 model from a manufacturer most people haven’t heard about yet. They are starting to make a name for themselves though because of the value offered. The model is an upgrade from the 509 with Wi-Fi now included. No LCD panel for navigation here, so using your smartphone or tablet is necessary during flights. The props are durable enough to take the odd hit during landing. The features include the headless option, original button return to base, and automatic landing to avoid accidents. The camera only supports 0.3-megapixels, but the 509W will stay aloft for 6 minutes and flies out as far as 65 meters.

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Below $200



The Parrot AR Drone 2.0 is available in a choice of three color schemes. No controller is supplied, but there is an Android and iOS app to navigate using your smartphone. The camera supports video at an improved 720p HD with good photo resolution too. The sensors are the standout here though for smoother flights over a 10-minute duration across 100 meters. so Parrot AR is the cheap drone on the market.

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Below $300



The Cheerson CX-20 Auto-Pathfinder is a particular move up to a quadcopter that is more impressive but costs more. It holds a GoPro using its built-in mount. It includes both GPS and Intelligent Orientation for improved control during flights (spin recovery is a useful added feature). There is an auto-landing procedure when the battery is running low. It can hover over a spot for complete video recording of a subject or location. The 2,700 mAh battery is generous, supports 15 minutes of flying and covers 10 meters every second at top speed.

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When wanting to record video, look for inexpensive drones that have mounts capable of holding a GoPro. An included gimbal is also a good one to look for. There are even sports, acrobatic and racing drones built for specific purposes, and we cover those too.

When looking for the last features, consider the Best top 10 Drones under $500 guide which has several powerful models to choose from.


We update our list of reviewed and recommended products quite often, so check back when you’re next in the market for an upgrade. We’ll always have the latest and greatest models of cheap best drones detailed on our site.


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